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    Holland's got talent 2013 - Amira Willighagen - O mio babbino caro - Nine years old, a Miracle??


    I took this photo at the WTC on 1/23/02. It was obvious to me then, that to reinforce, or join a steel "I" beam the gusset plate should be of the same thickness or strength as the "I" beam you are joining
    otherwise you get the "weak link" syndrome. I was there with John Vigiano at the time and I pointed it out to him. However we are both fireman and not learnard engineers.
    I don't know if that is the same problem that was just found, but it looks the same to me. See the "WTC Girder is a Key to Collapse Puzzle" The whole place was a crime scene and in my opinion they were in a big hurry to get rid of all the evidance. (Don)

    All 343 Members Murdered on 9/11

    All Line of Duty Deaths from the 1865 to July 5 2014

    What has changed since 9/11/01??

    "The Great fire of Knickerbocker and Bleeker in 1977"

    If you were at this fire contact John Maher E 218, Jm6391@aol.com and we will compile the story.

    July 18, 1977 Brooklyn Tenth Alarm box 10-10-767 Knickerbocker and Bleeker Street.

    Photo donated by: John Maher (Ret. E 218) Photographer F.F. Richard Kubler (ret) Eng. 291

    50 Ways Firefighters Die

    50 Ways Firefighters Live

    A Fire Chief's Assessment - Why the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed

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    Notes From the Field

    A few words from Gunnery SGT.R. Lee Ermey.

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    Download the entire 9/11 Commission Report (PDF Format 7.5 MB)

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    "Homeland Insecurity"

    Why the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed

    What has changed since 9/11/01?

    Our History by: Mike Boucher

    On March 4, 2004 Assemblymen Klein, Lentol and Stringer Held Hearings on Firehouse Closures, Chief Dunn was there.
    Download Chief Dunns presentation at this meeting in PDF format.
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    Fire Alarm Street Boxes Worked Perfectly

    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle on line 1841-1902

    Why the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed




    The New York City Fire Riders Motorcycle Club



    Why the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed

    Skyscraper Safety Campaign created in memory of Christian Michael Otto Regenhard, a 28 year old Probationary Firefighter

    Upcoming Super Buff Events

    "New Yorks Bravest" Baseball Team the old and the new

    Are Architects,Engineers and Code-Writing Officials Friends of The Firefighter?


    All FDNY Members Murdered on 9/11/01

    Database of all those Murdered on 9/11/01


    Go to the FDNY Scoccer Team

    A Fire Chief's Assessment - Why the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed

    Vincent Dunn's Open Letter to Tom Ridge the Homeland Security Director

    All FDNY Members Murdered on 9/11/01

    Database of all those Murdered on 9/11/01

    This web site was created (15 years ago) and is maintained by Don Van Holt retired, Ladder Company 108.
    "Since 1865 we have never abandoned our dead"
    "It is our very essence, it is our tradition!" Don - Webmaster
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    35 years ago the 23rd Street Fire and Collapse October 17th 1966

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    Our History by: Mike Boucher

    May-June Apparatus updates by Jack Lerch

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    | A Video that may save your life!" Building Construction & Facade Collapse" |


    Every unit in FDNY that ever was, updated 2007 118 page PDF document

    Next months Newsletter-Send Chief Dunn your request.

    Editor, Vincent Dunn. If you wish to contact the: Editor click here

    | Go to Chief Dunn's Web Site "vincentdunn.com" |

    | Order a Video Tape that may save your life!" Building Construction & Facade Collapse" |

    Produced by: FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn

    F.D.N.Y. Runs and Workers are in, 1994 to 2005|

    S/SGT Chris Engeldrum FDNY Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #12033
    Fire Apparatus Journal All Line of Duty Deaths (Will be updated)
    Fire Family Transport.org Fire Family Transport.org
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